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What we do best is take care of houses and the people who live in them. To us, the key to a happy and healthy family is a spotless house.

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We go above and beyond to provide consistent, high-quality services!

Working on a weekly or biweekly basis, Luxury BPC provides busy individuals and families with clean, comfortable homes to return to and enjoy—homes cleaned according to their specific needs and services backed by a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee!


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Residential & Home Cleaning

Our whole-house cleaning services are tailored to your specific requirements. If a room does not require our attention, we account for it in your personalised estimate. There is no contract for one-time or recurring cleaning services, and you can always contact our office to change your home cleaning schedule as your needs change.

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial customers love our customised cleaning plans and the fresh smell, clean surfaces, and healthier spaces. We'll tailor a cleaning plan to your budget and schedule for small or large commercial cleaning.

Free House Cleaning Estimate

You can expect the same high level of service whether you choose our popular recurring commercial cleaning services or one of our other cleaning plans. With a free customised commercial cleaning estimate today, Luxury BPC can help you find the right fit for your cleaning needs.


Amazing benefits with us

Fully insured.
No contracts.
Locally owned.
Supplies provided.
Equipment provided.
24-hour warranty.
Trusted and experienced.


Our goal at Luxury BPC is to provide you with high-quality service at a reasonable price. Start by setting up a free on-site meeting with us to talk about your project. We will try to give you a painting project that is fully managed and fits your budget.


Luxury BPC has access to discounts you wouldn't get if you bought cleaning products separately because we can buy them in bulk. We can give you a precise estimate of the job's cost, so you will know exactly what to expect.


Our only goal is to exceed our clients' expectations, but if we ever fall short, please let us know so we can make things right. E-mail us at


Luxury BPC is fully insured, and all of our staff have been thoroughly background checked and trained to ensure their own and our clients' safety.

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"Luxury BPC has consistently exceeded my expectations, and with the user-friendly website, I'll never need to call another cleaning company again."

Mitchell Luo

founder, xyz

Asked Question

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How much does a house cleaning service cost with Luxury BPC?

Because we tailor our cleaning services, the cost of cleaning your home will vary depending on the services you select, the size of your home, its condition, and other factors. Count on us for a cleaning plan that works with your schedule and budget.

What should I do before Luxury BPC arrives?

To get the most out of your cleaning crew, please clear the floors of toys, clothes, and other items. If you have pets, please keep them in a safe place in your home while we clean. Please notify your house cleaners if your cleaning requirements have changed prior to their arrival.

How often can you provide service?

Luxury BPC is happy to provide service once a week, every other week, or at any frequency that meets your needs. Remember, there are no contracts with Luxury BPC, so you can always adjust the frequency and services provided. No matter how often you need your home cleaned, we have a plan.

What types of cleaning products does Luxury BPC use?

Because we want your home to be as clean and healthy as possible, our team only uses cleaning products that meet our safety and effectiveness standards. Many low-cost cleaners are diluted and leave behind residue, whereas the concentrated cleaners we use are far more effective. We are also pleased to offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions with all of our home cleaning services.

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Luxury BPC is always looking for new business, domestic or commercial, send us a message if you're interested in Cleaning, Painting and Decorating services! Find out what our eco-friendly, precise craftsmanship can achieve for you: Call 0879 620 259 or fill out the form to ask for a free estimate!

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